How to Kill “the Monster in Our National Basement”—a Proposal

In my previous blog, I called for the abolishment of solitary confinement—“the monster in our national basement”–throughout America’s jails and prisons. I left the question open as to how this might be accomplished. I see one route, and one route only, toward this essential and long-overdue reform: enactment of a federal law that categorically bans … Continue reading “How to Kill “the Monster in Our National Basement”—a Proposal”

Thank you, Deb Fabos, for posting this

Civil Rights Groups File Suit on Behalf of Man Intentionally Denied Mental Health Treatment in Jail, Man Was Abused by Tangipahoa Prison Officials via FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Ronald K. Lospennato, Advocacy Center 504-208-4679 NEW ORLEANS – Two civil rights organizations, the Advocacy Center and the ACLU of Louisiana, joined forces to file a … Continue reading “Thank you, Deb Fabos, for posting this”

The Slaughter Goes On

Several weeks ago, I suspended this blog, largely out of lingering psychic exhaustion after the completion and publication of NO ONE CARES ABOUT CRAZY PEOPLE. Since then, I have noticed that the problems I covered in the book have not been suspended. The ones most troubling to me include the appalling indifference–by public policymakers and … Continue reading “The Slaughter Goes On”

Voices From the Sub-Universe

Today I introduce a new, occasional feature to my blog. Please see below: Ron Powers Voices from the Mental Illness Sub-Nation Near the beginning of my recently published book about mental illness, “No One Cares About Crazy People,” I write: Too many of the mentally ill in our country live under conditions of atrocity.” I … Continue reading “Voices From the Sub-Universe”


This article by Natasha Tracy in Huffington Post spells it out, folks: the menace that every parent and caretaker of a mentally ill victim has dreaded since Donald Trump (and Paul Ryan and others before him) gained power in national Republican politics. Our helpless, blameless charges are being pushed to the edge of a precipice. … Continue reading “WORST NIGHTMARE”


My upcoming book’s title, NO ONE CARES ABOUT CRAZY PEOPLE, is intended as ironic: it is taken from a notorious, subpoenaed email written in 2010 by an administrative aide to Scott Walker. The aide was trying to shield the then-Milwaukee County Executive from accountability for a mental-hospital scandal that was unfolding at the time. In … Continue reading “SPEAK OUT!”

Governor Christie Strikes Again!

Yesterday he vetoed a bill that would have limited the use of solitary confinement. (As one of the most demonstrably mind-destroying forms of punishment available, it should be banned altogether, everywhere.) Now he is restricting funds for the most abject members of society, the seriously mentally ill. This points not only to Christie’s particular brand … Continue reading “Governor Christie Strikes Again!”


In case you’ve been kidding yourself that public care for the mentally ill is snugly enfolded in the bosom of America’s state government systems, and monitored by informed, crackerjack news organizations, take a look at the peculiar string of factoids stumbling forth from Oregon. The factoids originate in a verifiable event. On Dec. 1, Governor … Continue reading “SOMETHING IS—MISBEGOTTEN—IN THE STATE OF OREGON”


From Columbia Daily Tribune Literary Links An often hidden injustice relates to mental health, which has always had a stigma attached to it, despite the fact that a significant portion of Americans deal with mental illness every day. Author Ron Powers examines society’s perception of mental illness in his deeply personal book “No One Cares … Continue reading “Reviews”

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